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Carbonite: Unlimited, Secure, Automatic Online Backup at an Affordable Price

 What I like is that Carbonite is for total non-techies like meóit brings up a screen that looks EXACTLY like your desktop, you click on what you want to restore, and boom, itís done. Could not be simpler.

By Katherine A.


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There's No Longer An Excuse For Not Backing Up Your Computer

What solution are you currently using to back up your data? Chances are if you are like most people, the computer files on your home computer are not adequately backed up. Maybe you have a couple of DVDs and CDs, onto which you have burned the most important data. Probably, you have an external hard drive which you fail to back up to on a regular basis. However, there is a much better way of backing data up that does not involve physical media or devices that are also stored within your home or office. Welcome to the world of Carbonite online backup.

Chances are if you are like most people, the computer files on your home computer are not adequately backed up.

How Does This Backup Software Work?

Carbonite backup leverages the immense power of the cloud to handle data storage for backup purposes. The service consists of installing a simple program onto your home computer, which will automate the backup process for you.

The software ensures that your documents are continuously backed up. If you need to access all your backed up files from Carbonite's remote server for any reason, all you will need is an internet connected device such as your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. This is the only truly effective way to ensure that if anything should happen to your computer files, you can rest assured that all your valuable files are protected and secure in the company's highly secure datacenter in Boston, Massachussetts..

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Easy Setup Process

This online backup software is quite easy to install. Furthermore, if you are not good at software installation, Carbonite provides a free valet installation. Just give them a quick call and they will handle the installation process for you. However, based on my experience, this is unnecessary cause the software is really easy to install..

This online backup software is quite easy to install. Furthermore, if you are not good at software installation, Carbonite provides a free valet installation.

Carbonite has an easy and simple to use interface.

Automated, Continuous Backup Process

Once the software is installed, the backup process is automated and continuously done to ensure that the backup stored remotely represent the latest version of your files. The software works quietly in the background even while you work on your computer.

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Secure, Fully Encrypted Backup and Storage

There is no need to worry about the security of your data, as these are encrypted before they are transferred on the internet and stored in highly secure, redundant disk arrays. Once stored remotely, all your digital files on your computer are protected against natural disasters, theft, and loss through system failures.

There is no need to worry about the security of your data, as these are encrypted before they are transferred on the internet and stored in highly secure, redundant disk arrays.

Accessible From Anywhere

The data that you have backed up in the remote datacenters can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have a suitable computing device and an internet connection. The dashboard for administration is browser-based so you do not have to worry that the device you are using does not have the right software to access the back up files.

Carbonite backs up your files silently in the background while you use your computer.

Simple Recovery Process

If something unfortunate happens to your computer and you lose all the data stored on your computer, Carbonite has you covered. The recovery process is simple and quite easy to perform. Recovering your lost files is a hassle free process. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to start the recovery process.

Restoration of files is easy with just a few clicks of the mouse.

US-Based Customer Support

Carbonite has invested in keeping its customer support team in the United States. This was done to ensure that its customers are well-served by a support team that clearly understands their customers' needs.

Recovering your lost files is a hassle free process. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to start the recovery process.

Affordable and Cost Effective Backup Service

Carbonite online backup solution comes in various service plans that are guaranteed to meet your budget quite well. Online backup has truly become very affordable. Starting at just $59.99 a year, you can just plans that will suit your needs.

Carbonite has created the perfect backup solution for your home and your business. With this simple, secure, and affordable backup software, there is no longer an excuse not to backup your computer files. Get Carbonite now and experience it for yourself.  

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The video below provides a brief overview of how this software works. Click on the video to watch it.



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Unlimited online backup. You can backup all your files (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.) 

Secure 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Your files are secured for transmission and storage.

Automatic ó "set it and forget it". Backs up your files automatically, even as you work.

Easy restore. You can easily recover and restore files with a few clicks of the mouse.

Backup and access anywhere. Backup or access your files from any location in the world.

Live customer care. Live US-based customer support is available 7 days a week.

Affordable, fixed price. You get protection for as little as over $1 a week. No additional charges. 


Want To Try Carbonite? Get A 15-Day RISK-FREE Trial Now

No credit card required. Promo Ends October 31, 2016

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I signed up for Carbonite mainly for peace of mind in case of a house fire or something. I've never had to use their services, but I have a little icon that says my files are safe.

phreesh, forum

For the last 3 months every Sunday at 7:00PM I would use Windows Backup using a DVD-R. Not really knowing what I was backing up, and having run out of DVD's I decided to use Carbonite instead.

danboy, forum

Carbonite is an online back-up system. That's all they do. I pay $59 a year for the home version. I have gone through five computer crashes without losing a thing--even when I've been in the middle of writing! If you accidentally delete a file, you can get it back. I have an old computer--I think this is why we crash a lot ... Restoring the files is easy. After the computer is fixed, I log on, click restore and everything is put back the way it was ... I am telling you, Carbonite is an author's best friend!


Honestly, the best part of Carbonite is that during the last week when my important files were being backed up, I didnít think about it. I didnít notice that my computer slowed down. I didnít notice any spinning wheels or notifications that I needed to respond to. Carbonite backed up my files and I went about my business as usual.


My "backup" system is my computer's hard drive. Then an external hard drive backup that I keep on site (which I admit that I don't back up as often as I should). And I use Carbonite, which is a cloud backup which is fairly inexpensive and worth every penny to me. I've recommended Carbonite to many people... only because I know they're really not diligent in backing up. Carbonite was started by a father who worked in the computer field whose daughter went away to college, wrote a paper, and then something happened, she lost it. So he created the system whereby you can download the software and the backups are automatic -- you never have to think about it again.

david s., forum

Really sorry to hear that (computer got stolen) ... Like someone else suggested, subscribe to a backup service like Carbonite. My wife uses it for her laptop, and it has served her well.


I've tried Carbonite, but it just does not work for me. It's too restrictive if you plan to backup a central server. I trialed it, but it would only let me backup the C: drive on my file server ...

i.t. professional,

I highly recommend Carbonite for online backup; it runs by itself so you don't have to remember to do it. It's really easy to access your files from elsewhere, and restoring files to a new computer was easy too (although I wish the instructions on that were a little better; I restored too much junk that I didn't need. I would have been fine with just my documents.) Carbonite now includes backup of pictures from your mobile devices for free, too. Not that I need all those pictures backed up, but it can.


I do a manual backup to the USB drive on a semi-weekly basis but I mainly use Carbonite as my backup service. It's completely seamless, runs in the background and backs up all my data off site. I figure any form of storage at home is subject to permanent loss of data in the event of theft or fire but off site storage is completely recoverable. As a side benefit, I can access all my backed up data from my iPhone through the free Carbonite app at any time. It's a nice feature since I don't have to actually store my pics on my phone taking up space. You can access your data from any PC with a net connection. Price is very reasonable as well and there is no data limitation unlike with Mozy which limits the amount of data you can store.

griz, forum

I have an HP Pavillion desk top with microsoft vista running on it. After checking email last night I turned it off, normal shut down. Today I turned it on and everything is gone. My screen saver photo, all photos, documents, everything! Thankfully I have Carbonite and will restore it ...

customer, help


Want To Try Carbonite?

Get A 15-Day RISK-FREE Trial Now

No credit card required.

Promo Ends October 31, 2016

Carbonite is winner of the much coveted Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval


What Do We Think Of Carbonite?

These are what people had to say around the web:

Thank God for Carbonite! I have had Carbonite online backup software installed on my computer for two years now. In that time I have had two catastrophic computer failures (practically all data lost from the hard drive) and yet I have not lost any of that data ... I am a very very very very happy user of Carbonite who is currently enjoying the benefits of his $50/year subscription. I have all my files even from minutes prior to the computer crash. That is the test of a good backup utility. Carbonite passes with flying colors. I haven't found a single file that I needed that wasn't backup up.


For the past 4 years, I have been using Carbonite for 3 home computers. Back-up and retrieval is smooth. It will take a while initially to upload to Carbonite, but it operates in the background. Retrieval is quick.


I use Carbonite on my Mac, have done since owning a Mac, circa October 2010. I have it on all three of my Mac's ... The reason I specifically like Carbonite compared to a lot of the other backup options out there is that it is fully automated, download, install, pay and leave it alone. It just works. You can use their web-site quite easily to check your specific files which are currently backed up, you can, within the System Preferences controls indicate an automatic backup, or a specific set of files / folders you want to be backed up. This is what I do, as i am not worried about applications or other such things, I just backup all users Documents, Music, Movies and Pictures folders. This gets all the essential stuff ... yes, Carbonite works just fine for the most part, certainly if you just want a point and shoot backup solution you can feel confident in, Carbonite will not let you down.

■; Neil B.,

What I like is that Carbonite is for total non-techies like meóit brings up a screen that looks EXACTLY like your desktop, you click on what you want to restore, and boom, itís done. Could not be simpler.

Sue P.,

I love Carbonite! Backing up for yourself is a PITA [pain in the _ss]. Carbonite costs, what...? Like $1.00 a week or so? That's cheap!

Cheri, forum

We had to get a new desktop. It was just time. Joan and I had bought Carbonite 2 weeks ago ... and backed all files up with it 3 days ago. The old computer completely crashed and gave up the ghost a short-time later. Completely useless. Even though we had the Carbonite subscription, we were still weary: Would it truly work like the advertisements all say? I called the tech support Wednesday night and they remoted into my new computer (you have the option of doing it yourself or having someone else do it at their support center). They said it would take about one day to put everything back on the new cpu. I woke up this morning and voila! Everything that they said they would do as a company was done! All the files are back! Pictures, music, videos, everything!!! Their tech support is awesome. Based in Lewiston Maine. Nice to be able to speak to a tech guy I can actually understand. I highly recommend them.

matthew t., forum

I used Carbonite for a number of years. It worked well for me, and was pretty simple to use. However, Carbonite has limitations that could prove grating. They expect you to purchase one client per computer, which gets damned expensive in a multi-computer household.

jrewing78, forum

I use Carbonite for off site backups now because I have clients photos to worry about also. For my personal photos we have many extra backups that I update at least once a month ... In home backup is done on an external server that DH runs, and as I said, carbonite. It auto uploads every time there is a new file.

diva scraps, forum

I use Carbonite to backup everything on my computer, plus I backup my photos two places, each on a 1 terabit external hard drive. Yes, I am paranoid! To my knowledge (I am not a computer geek!), I am not using the Adobe storage backup. Since I store my photos that I am working with on an external hard drive, that drive I do not plug in until I start my Photoshop Elements program.

wildlifeshoppe, forum

One of the shortcomings to a local backup is a local catastrophe (Hurricane, Fire, Flood, etc). Another option is utilizing Cloud storage services. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages. Full Restoration from Cloud backup can be slow and very time consuming. yet you have the assurance that your data is protected off-site. I use Carbonite for my Cloud backup. It runs continuously in the background and cost ~$60/yr for unlimited storage (I currently have ~360GB at Carbonite).

clee01l, forum

It is incredibly simple to use. You just select folders that you want to back up and it works automatically in the background. As you add files it automatically keeps your backup current. You can't even tell that it's there because it tries to do most of its work when your computer is idle ... Carbonite already saved us once when my daughter accidentally wiped out about 500MB of our digital pictures.

Colonel Klink, forum

I also use Carbonite to back-up files. Yes, it's slow, but in exchange I have an off-site back-up, which in case something terrible happens in or to my home, I still have a back-up. The premier version of Carbonite also allows the use of an external drive to mirror my primary drive automatically, which I also use. This allows rapid restoration of files, rather than waiting for the online resortation. A couple of years ago I had the hard drive in my desktop die (remember it's not if they die, but when they die). Fortunately I had Carbonite. It took ten days, but I got all my files back, and it happened all automatically after I initiated the restore process. This was before I had the premier version of the program ... Carbonite has no limitation on back-up size, so in the long run it might be the most economical of all services, even if you use their premier service..

raynardo, forum

I screwed up a major project file today. A HUGE, project. It took me all of 5 minutes to log onto and restore the file that was saved, automatically, the last time I worked on it. Instead of losing days and pages of creative, one-of-a-kind work...I lost an hour. Hate to sound like a commercial...but, after today I REALLY believe in this service.

Skip W.,

Carbonite online backup service is one of the best entries in this arena. This is the online backup service that I use. When one of my hard drives crashed less than a year ago, I was devastated. It was the first time I experienced this and was unsure how to go about recovering my dataÖuntil I remembered that I was using Carbonite.†SeeÖI had forgotten all about it, at least for about 2 minutes. Realizing that I had a set up a lifeline for myself, I began looking at the settings in my Carbonite and located the Recovery area. So easy! It took hours to get it all recovered, but at least everything was there. Relief! Joy! Exhiliration! That is the best money Iíve ever spent ...


18 months ago I took advantage of their 15 day offer advertised by Rush. 13 days into the trial my hard drive failed. Replaced the drive and recovered my data, just as advertised. No problems, no lost files. Without Carbonite, color me screwed. Iím a believer.


I use Carbonite on two computers and have no problems with it ... Once the backup is done the first time, it quickly backs up any changes. So each day's changes are generally backed up within a few minutes or hours depending on file size. It is offsite, so a local disaster still allows me to get data back.

sargenta, forum

Purchasing and installing Carbonite was easy. It only took a few minutes and didn't even require me to restart my computer.


Carbonite saved my music and pictures when my hard drive crashed this spring. I know Carbonite is a little expensive but very much worth it. I would have lost my wedding pictures and some priceless baby pictures not to mention my music.

i love cats, forum

May I recommend Carbonite? For $59.00 a year, and unlimited storage...this will give you peace of mind in the event that your home based backups get damaged or stolen. This backs up your data to the cloud (your data gets encrypted before it gets sent to the cloud), so you can use this as your secondary backup solution.

edgonz305, forum

For documents and photos I like the fact that with Carbonite you can access those files anywhere from any PC. Very convenient when you have a work laptop, home laptop, home desktop, wife's laptop.

scott s., forum

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